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People in the modern world have many individual and social responsibilities. To help face these responsibilities maturely and freely the individual needs information and education.

In the area of sexuality, the imbalance of the current population statistic-showing rapid rate of growth of the population in certain regions and ageing in others - underlines personal responsibility. However, conception control is not the sole solution to this problem because social and political reforms, economic development and the raising of living standards all play an equally, indeed a basic, important role.

The philosophical direction of our organization expresses itself, therefore in an educative approach of the individual with a view of growth: self-knowledge and the resulting independence are essential factors in gaining freedom. This philosophy forms the basis of the following principles and attitudes:

  1. The family is the foundation for the development of society, with its three fundamental elements: man as a person, spouse, and father; woman as a person, wife, and mother; the child always present in reality or potentially, and who must be respected from conception.
  2. Growth as a person, never totally achieved, can only be a gradual and continuing process; it concerns all the aspects of the person including sexuality. To achieve it, the individual, as learning progresses, must take time and effort – essential factors towards maturity.
  3. In the dynamics of the individual’s evolution, different aspects of sexuality must be integrated: emotion, communication, sensuality, and procreation. Intelligence is needed to understand and control these aspects in whatever circumstances the person may called to live. In the case of the couple, to ensure security and growth requires maintaining by mutual commitment the desire for stability, fidelity and permanence.
  4. The holistic approach of the human being could be achieved if knowledge of the physical, psychological and spiritual components of human love is encouraged; conception regulation constitutes one of the exclusive responsibilities of the couple.
  5. The method of education for conception regulation will comprise information in the framework of a dialogue which at the same time listens to and accepts the other person, on an equal basis (couple to couple, person to person) in a joint venture where the persons involved are participants in their own natural development, responsible not only for the application of a technique but for a way of life deliberately chosen.
  6. Natural family planning, based on the mutual respect of man and woman and with the knowledge and acceptance of the couple’s cyclic phases of fertility and infertility, is at the service of a responsible parenthood. Temporary abstinence may be experienced as a positive element of a loving dialogue.
  7. The European Institute of Family Life Education (EIFLE) is multi-denominational.
    It accepts references to anthropological, spiritual and religious values. These are able to help people in their understanding of the role of natural family planning in the growth of their life as a couple.
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