Friday June 19
15:30  FLEET Project – final results
19:00Member Presentations (5-10 Min. each)
Saturday June 20
09:00An Introduction to Epigenetics (Emily Ferguson)
09:30Epigenetics and Male infertility (Prof. Sutcliffe)
10:30Coffee Break
11:00NaproHelp (Dr. Ludmila Lázničková)
11:30Nutrition and Fertility (Dr. Murray)
14:00Fertility Awareness Based Methods and Social Media (Shirley Pavlik)
14:45Couples choice for family planning (Dr. Imose Itua)
15:00Detrimental Effects of the Current Wave of Predictive Apps
15:20Psychology of Natural Family Planning
16:00Coffee Break
16:30General Assembly
  • President’s report
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Member Information – updates on web site
  • EIFLE Accreditation Status
  • EIFLE Projects
  • FEDRA status update
  • FLEET status
  • Next GA Venue and Date
19:30Medical Project Kickoff Workshop
Sunday June 21
08:00Holy Mass
11:30Visit to Strawberry Hill House & Garden

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